Snowed in.

  It was six o’clock in the morning when I woke up to the noise of my dreaded alarm. Slightly disorientated, I rolled over and pulled back a piece of insulation lining the windows of our van, snow covered the entire pane of glass. Opening the door I found myself in a Walmart car park … More Snowed in.


So our first Vansperiment occurred! We finally had two days off work at the circus and couldn’t wait to get out of grimy Gastown and jump into our trusty Dodge – Dorothy. It was a getaway that we very much needed to work out all the quirks of our beloved van and get a sneak … More Vantastic

The Great Migration

I was fourteen years old when I made my first travel bucket list, it was after a family holiday to Singapore which sparked my interest in culture, I found it amazing how one small country had such strong influences from India, China and Malaysia moulded into a unique culture of its own. As a teenager, … More The Great Migration