India Bound

I have been talking about wanting to go to India for over a year now. My passion to travel and experience this country with a culture almost polar opposite to what I am used to has hit its peak. For this trip, I have left Australia on my own baring a one-way ticket. I have no real plans and am going to look forward to any opportunities that arise during my journey. I don’t know where I will go, what I will encounter or how long I will be away for making this a more exciting trip than ever. I am prepared for self-development and challenges along the way (there always are a few).


During my previous travels I have learnt a few things or two about how I enjoy travelling and what drags me down a bit. One of the major annoyances I have is carrying around a 70L backpack the whole time and only using half of the junk I stuffed in it. Lesson learnt. I now am the proud owner of a 40L backpack weighing only 9.5kg and my back is already thanking me for it! The bonus part of all of this? I can take all my belongings as carry on luggage. No more freaking out when you have waited 40mins for your bag to zoom around ‘Carousel D’ and there is still no sign of it. Wahoo!


A lot of people were advising me not to travel to this country on my own as a female; I didn’t listen to them (sorry guys). However I do understand that there are a huge number of cultural differences and things that I need to know before I go. I have done a lot of research and spoken with a lot of friends who have travelled to India previously. Any advice given to me I have taken on board and following general common sense I feel more prepared than ever, I would do the same travelling to any other country.


So here I am sitting in a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur slurping away at some amazing Laksa and eagerly awaiting my flight into Delhi tomorrow. India calls.



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